Youth Group

Youth Group Advisors
Mamie Broadhurst    
Larry Reynolds           
Rosa Campbell            


  • To build a sense of community allowing youth to have a place they know they belong and are valued. To feel closer to one another and to God.
  • To have a venue to discuss significant issues (doubts, fears, hopes, dreams, questions) about life and faith.
  • To serve the wider community as a part of putting our faith into action.


  • Trust between youth and leaders
  • Examination of the world and ourselves
  • Faith put into action
  • Service to each other and the community
  • Participation in larger church activities
  • Learning to define personal faith
  • Being a place of hospitality for all people


  • A deep sense of group identity
  • Active service projects with the local community
  • A good rotation of service, fellowship, and exploring faith

Sunday Evening Program

4:30-6:00pm Meet at UPC

Typically:       First Sunday – High School Youth
Second Sunday – Combined 6th-12th
Third Sunday – Middle School Youth
Fourth Sunday – No Gathering

For now all gatherings will be outdoors with masks. As vaccinations become available for all of our youth and case numbers retreat, we may make other arrangements. We will keep you informed of any changes we are considering.

Service Events

Middle and Senior High Youth will occasionally spend extra time on Sunday or Saturday with a service event.  When this occurs, there will usually not be a regularly scheduled youth event for that Sunday evening.

Retreats and Conferences

Retreats and conferences will both be dependent upon COVID realities. We had hoped to have an opening lock-in at the end of September, but that is impossible. We will see what can happen as the year continues.

Parking Lot Duty

High School youth are expected to help on at least 3 of the days UPC opens the parking lot for home football games as the majority of the funds raised by that activity benefits them. If you are uncomfortable with your child’s participation because of COVID, please talk with Mamie to see about other ways they can help.


To be sure your family is aware of upcoming events, needs, changes, and more we need to know the best way to communicate with you and/or your child. Emails will have quick summaries at the top with schedule/needs highlighted. If asked, please respond as soon as you are able with whether or not your child/children will be able to attend any given event.


We want to make sure kids get something to tide them over before dinner, and we know that different kids have different dietary needs. Please let us know of any dietary restrictions we should be aware of. We may ask for help from families in providing snacks.

Sunday School

While the COVID risk remains extremely high in East Baton Rouge parish, we will not be holding Sunday School for middle or high school students but focus on our time together in youth group. Once the risk drops, middle schoolers will be offered a chance to gather on Sunday morning. High schoolers will not have their own gathering but rather be asked if they would like to be part of shepherding elementary students.

 Youth Group Tentative Fall Calendar – 4:30-6:30pm at UPC
* not a Sunday

* 2       LSU Home Game Parking – Auburn

3          Discussion at Church – High School Only

10       Fall Break – No Youth Group

* 16     LSU Home Game Parking – Florida

17        Discussion at Church – Middle School Only

24        Halloween Extravaganza

31       Halloween – No Youth Group

7          Discussion at the church – HS Only

* 13     LSU Home Game Parking – Arkansas

14        Service Event together

* 20     LSU Home Game Parking – LA, Monroe

21        Discussion at the church – MS Only

28       Thanksgiving – NO YOUTH

5          Discussion at the church – HS Only

12        Christmas shopping extravaganza

19        Discussion at the church – MS Only
No Youth Group through Christmas/New Years

 Winter/Spring Events TBD
Feliciana Retreat?
Youth Sunday


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Baton Rouge, LA 70802

(225)383-3495 FAX


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