Young Adult

How do you define a young adult? Many will attempt to put an age bracket on this category, but the truth is it’s a little more ambiguous than a number. Life as a young adult is often defined by business, searching, and many transitions. Life as a young adult may mean you are single or you are married with a family. Life as a young adult means it is becoming more and more difficult to connect with peers on a deep, authentic level. Wherever you place yourself on the spectrum of being a “young adult,” UPC hopes to be a place where you can get to know others and feel known yourself. We hope to be a place where you can find spiritual nourishment, encouragement, and lots of laughter.

An easy way to meet other young adults is through our bi-monthy event, The Gathering. We often meet at restaurants in the area for laid back fellowship and conversation. Nursery at UPC is also available on occasion. Contact the church if you wish to be on the mailing list or join the facebook group for The Gathering.

Young Adults are also more than welcome to be a part of the many other opportunities available for adults and people of all ages:

For our education offerings on Sunday morning: Click Here.

To join a small group: Click Here.

For fellowship events that take place throughout the year, Click Here

If you are passionate about mission and peacemaking opportunities, Click Here.

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