Adult Education

Adult Church School classes meet at 9:45am on Sunday mornings. 

Adult Bible Study Class Conference Room (122)
The Conference Room class  explores a variety of biblical texts through the Feasting on the Word curriculum.

Adult Parks Wilson Class Parks Wilson Room (108)

Jan. 13: Rise of the Nones? This talk examines the fastest growing demographic in the contemporary American religious landscape and also the most prevalent among the youngest American adults, namely those who have no interest in organized religion and whose numbers exploded to nearly 1 in 4 Americans by 2018. Paradoxically, as we’ll see, 90% of these mostly younger Americans nonetheless display key features of religious thought in crafting “spiritual but not religious” identities.

Jan. 20: A New Religious America? This talk explores some of the deeper history of religious diversity in an American context, examining the ways in which Buddhism, Hinduism, Islam, and even “shocking” new religious movements such as Wicca (i.e., contemporary Neo-Paganism) have surprisingly deep roots in American religious history.