We’re on our way! On Sunday, April 22nd a large group of UPCers stayed after worship for a pot luck and were joined by consultant Ann Philbrick who shared information, previously shared with church officers, on national church trends, generational theory, and typical patterns of “incline, recline, and decline” in church life. She added UPC’s particular trends in membership and ministry to that information so that we’re all on the same page as we make decisions and take action in moving forward. We are in a great position with new members and healthy resources. But we missed you! And we can’t fully live out our call together without your voice.

Get on board by watching the video! Church members and regular visitors are encouraged to then FILL OUT THE SURVEY that will come to you via email. Or, if you prefer, you may pick up, fill out, and turn in a hard copy of the survey near the church office or in the Welcome Center. You will also be contacted by one of our officers for a conversation regarding our movement forward. LET YOUR LET YOUR VOICE BE HEARD! WE DON’T WANT TO MOVE FORWARD WITHOUT YOU!