NOTE:  From March 1 - July 1 Senior Pastor Patti Snyder will be on sabbatical.  Associate Pastor, Mike Watson and Interim, Rick Pitcher are available for pastoral care.


If you need assistance with one of the following areas, please contact the committee chairperson.

Christian Education:  Meredith Veldman, chairperson

            Children Subcommittee - Paul Wallace, chairperson

            Youth Subcommittee - Amy Vidriene, chairperson

            Adult Subcommittee - Jon Cogburn, chairperson

Day School: Daniel Burch and Linda Benedict, co-chairs

Membership:  June Klimash. chairperson       

Mission and Peacemaking: Chris Whittington and Marissa Baham, co-chairs

Personnel and Administration: Cordell Haymon, chairperson

Stewardship and Finance: Jerry Trahan, chairperson

Worship and Music: Leslie Green, chairperson

University Outreach: Andreas Giger, chairperson

Fellowship: Bizza Britton and Doug Walker, co-chairs

Nurture: Jane Smith, chairperson

Property: Ed Green, chairperson


During the sabbatical, the congregation will also be engaged in many special activities.   Please contact Ann Miller, or any of the members of the sabbatical leave committee if you have other questions, concerns, or if you like to help out!